Inventory Management Software

In a huge store with hundreds of products tracking the sales flow, stock of products and sensing the product in demand seems task next to impossible. But the good news is, it is possible. With the amazing inventory software developed by Sara Technologies you can easily dig in any details of your store and get all the information at the tips of your finger. It systematically records sales, purchases, payments and stock related information for your business.

The Inventory Management Software is specially designed keeping in mind the need of tracing various aspects in running a smooth business. With SARA Technologies you can control inventory operations, optimize the use of inventory level and improve the visibility of your entire inventory at any point of time. The software even helps in billing and creating invoices.

However, almost every industry, retail stores and service centre have to efficiently manage goods, stocks, raw materials, to provide uninterrupted service to its customers. These minute details are important assets that make profit or push the business in loss hence play a vital role in its success.

Our Inventory Control Software is designed to manage inventory of commercial segments like Large Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Individual Retailers including Shoe Stores, Stationary Shops etc. We have also designed our software to manage inventory of other industrial sectors like Mechanical & Aeronautical Inventory Handling and our Inventory Software is compatible to control the inventory in the Medical, Hotel & Hospitality sector, large food giants to small restaurant owners can also use to enhance efficiency & optimize the cost of inventory management throughout their business operations.

With the help of Sara technologies amazing inventory software you don’t have to worry over handling :

  • Stock Management
  • Customer Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase & Sales Management
  • Orders/Invoice Management
  • Repair/Damage Management
  • Payment/Tax Report
  • MIS Reports

Stock management is an important aspect that assures you have right amount of goods in place and eradicates unnecessary investment in purchasing of products not in demand. This even ensures that your store never run out of products. The software makes it real easy to find out all these aspects very easily. It let you know when the product is low on stock and needs attention.

This wonderful software even comes to rescue in customer management as well. It easily traces customer details, purchases and product preferences and helps you in building relationship with your loyal customers.

You don’t have to invest differently in tracking stock, creating invoices, billing, sales and purchase management as it handles each and every aspect efficiently.

  • It easily puts forth all the supplier details and creates purchase orders
  • It comes handy for order management by creating, tracking and fulfilling the orders
  • Helps in billing and creating invoices
  • It assures that you have right amount of goods in place.
  • Helps you build customer loyalty

Why our Inventory Software?

Our Inventory Management software designed to minimize the cost of inventory management, automatic tracking or ordering & demand of inventory at various level movement. Our inventory software is economical, one of the fast, easy to use. It can keep & maintain the track record of all transactions which affects the inventory of an organization. It keeps the record of all the sales, purchase along with the pricing of vendors for each & every goods stored in the system. You can easily generate reports for all the segments to analyse & check the details like quantity, quality, price, manufacturer, vendors, suppliers, sales & purchase data of all the products. You can also set passwords in settings to protect it from any unauthorized use, hence ensuring the security of your entire inventory management system.



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